Common Types of Residential Locks You Need to Know About When You’re a Traveler

We want our homes to be safe and secured, and using the right locks will bring the security we need. But there different types of locks with different factors to consider when choosing. Here are the most common locks that are used and their aspects to know which is the best match for you.

Padlocks are the most common and have been used since 7000 years ago. They are not permanent and can attach to anything else making them portable regardless of their sizes. There are two different kinds of padlocks which are Keyed and Combination. Keyed padlocks require a key, hence the name. A combination padlock doesn’t require a key and can be opened when the correct combination is entered. It can be rekeyed or not. If a padlock can’t be rekeyed, then it will be permanently locked unless cut or picked. A padlock can also be key retaining or not. If a padlock is unlocked, the key can’t be removed, that means it’s a key retaining padlock.

One of the most common locks that are used externally because of their reliability and more security. A single cylinder is the usual deadbolts that are used. The key cylinder is used on the outside, while a thumbturn is on the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt uses two keys for the inside and the outside which can work great for security but dangerous for emergency situations. A lockable thumb-turn deadbolt provides maximum security because it requires a key for the inside and outside but has a thumb turn on the inside which can be locked using a key. When the thumb turn is locked, then no one can operate the lock with a key on both sides.

Knob Lock
Commonly installed for exterior doors with a deadbolt. A knob lock is not recommended for knob locks because it’s easy to compromise especially the key cylinder is in the knob and not on the door. Knob locks are easy to destroy and easy to pick. They are most recommended for interior rooms inside in a home like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Keyless Lock
The rise of technology has greatly improved the reliability of locks. Using the advantage of technology, this type of lock doesn’t require a key but merely a code. It’s high-tech security and convenience has made keyless lock the ideal security for residential as they are compatible with different types of locks.

These are just the most common locks that have been widely used from a wide range of various locks. It’s better to ask a certified specialist who are the most suitable locks that fit your budget and the level security you need.