How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

Hair loss seems to be normal as long as they are only few strands fall. Anyone who would want to know how much hair fall is normal will not definitely get an exact answer since no one else’s hair cycle is exactly the same. About fifty to one hundred hairs each day is still regarded as normal. However, if you excessively brush or massage your hair and scalp, more than what is normal will be shed out. The normal amount of hair fall also depends on how many hair you have, how old are you and your hair’s growth cycle.

An average person has around 100,000 hair follicles in his hair. And at any moment, approximately 90% of our hair keeps on growing. This hair usually last from two to six years. The remaining period is the resting phase of our hair, and usually last about two to three months. At the end of the resting phase, hair drops to give way to a new and fresh hair.

On the other hand, women may go through more than normal hair loss in three months after giving birth. This is still considered as not excessive hair loss since pregnant women will experience hormonal imbalance or elevated level of the estrogen. Also, the normal amount of hair has not dropped out during the course of pregnancy. Besides, too much estrogen will make hair abundant and will have full volume.

Still, there is no way to actually count how many strands that you lose everyday is still normal. However, if you all of a sudden have been realizing your hair loss to be less than the normal you have had, this has certainly signifies that it has speeded up. This can be caused by some other underlying causes such as genetics, medications, or situations.

However, some experts may say you really only need to worry if some affected area of your hair is getting wider or you can see your scalp through your hair. For severe cases, you might consult a Trichologist.

Though Trichologists are not typically licensed health care workers because Trichology is mainly used in forensic studies of hairs, the Trichological Society that was founded in September 1999 by a group of professionals who are interested in hair science educates, supports, and promotes Trichologists in North America and worldwide to helps promote the science of trichology, educate future trichologists, help in hair research and enhance the care of people with hair loss. The society is also committed to help the public by educating them about the possible causes of their hair loss and by informing them of their choices of hair loss treatments.

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