How to Defuse a Toddler Jealousy Over a New Baby

Having a toddler while you are expecting a baby could give you sleepless nights thinking about how could your toddler react to the arrival of a new baby in the family. Complications between siblings are really not possible to avoid. What’s the best thing you should do is to think about how to deal with them properly. Among the conflicts that can occur between siblings are toddler jealousy and frequent meltdowns. It sure is, a toddler is not used to divided attention but now it has to be shared. And since emotions are at stake, you need to handle things with proper care. It is your obligation as a responsible parent.

One very crucial step is to prepare the toddler for the arrival of the new baby or sibling. This might not prevent jealousy but it will definitely help your kid to be aware of what is going to happen soon. What are going to be hard to deal with are the emotions that will occur after the baby’s arrival.

Having your toddler involved with your pregnancy is a good thing to do. Let your kid touch your ballooning tummy. Let him or her feel its heartbeat and say hi to your moving baby inside. You can also read books with stories about babies from their birth to bringing them at home. You should tell him or her the things that you can do together as soon as the baby arrives. It is also advisable to show some photos of your toddler in his or her birth and early days.

Make sure to cherish the time and every moment when its still just you and her. Life will be different for a while once the baby has arrived. Make the most out of your one on one moment. Be sure as well that he or she will be happy with the people that will be around with him or her when you are at the hospital giving birth. Take the chance to give her time with her grandparents, uncles and aunts or even with your close friends who can help. Make a list of their phone numbers so you can contact them easily when you need help in looking after your toddler.

One of the biggest moments is the meeting of your bigger child and the newborn. The reaction of the toddler could be different from what is anticipated. He or she might expect a playmate rather than a baby that has nothing to do but sleep and eat. Toddler might not find it as much fun as he or she expected. This can cause a lot of frustration to the toddler as he or she is struggling with mixed emotions. This is specially when he or she sees that the new baby is given so much attention.

To handle jealousy, you should make sure you give proper attention to your toddler. Ask help from friends and family for presents for the bigger child as well. This can make him or her feel appreciated. Maintain your daily routines with your toddler so he or she would not feel that everything has changed. And the most important is to understand that your toddler will find it really hard to express his or her emotions so do not get easily upset. A hug will be a great deal to your toddler. Make her feel important as you are supposed to.