How To Prevent Being Vulnerable to Robbery Especially When You’re on a Vacation

In the US, a robbery or burglary occurs every 1.6 seconds. This criminal offense continues to be rampant in many different states especially on residential properties. So how do you put an end or at least reduce your vulnerability to theft or robbery? Read on.

Always lock your front door.
It may sound cliche, but almost half of burglars find the front door to be the easiest to access in any property. Anyone can knock on your front door and pose as a delivery man or salesman secretly checking your doorknob.

Close your windows
While front doors remain to be on top of the easiest to access by burglars, windows win the second place. They can easily jam a window allowing the pane to be pushed open. So apart from diligently locking your doors, make it a point that you do the same thing with your windows.

Clean your garbage cans
We can not deny the power of electronic items in attracting the attention of the burglars. Thus, displaying a television or popular gaming console box in your garbage cans is a clear invitation to thieves. Make sure to break down those large boxes so no one can see them.

Install high fences and a fair amount of lighting
Homes in highly exposed places such as on corner lots have less probability to be broken into. While the other ones that are situated in the middle of the block go the other way around. These houses tend to be the easier targets. This is mainly why the need for high fences and lighting are necessary today. Make your home as hard as possible to access to shoo away the burglars.

Alarm & security systems
It is not enough that you have a security system installed when you’re not putting it to use even during the daytime. Be alarmed at all times and activate your alarm and security systems especially when you leave your home. Do not rely on having just a sign of security system installed in your home.

Your locks matter the most!
An average robber can get the crime done is as short as 10 minutes so time is critical here. Getting the best lock is your way to go. Thieves won’t waste their time opening a difficult lock and might move to the next target if they find it hard to mess around your locks. Also, do not rely on a single lock on every door, make sure to have an extra installed on all exterior doors.

It is important to follow these rules and keep your family and valuables safe from harm.

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