How to Secure Your Garage Before You Go on Vacation

It’s that time again to take a vacation. But before leaving your home, did you make sure that every part of your home is safe? You don’t want to be worried when you have to be relaxing on the beach or admiring exhibits in the art museum. That’s is why it’s vital for everyone to make sure that your home is secure most especially with your garage door.

While your garage door is the largest moving device of your home, you still want to make sure it’s impregnable for any unwanted guests. You still have to take extra measures just to be safe and for you to have a peace of mind during your vacation. Here some simple tips on how to secure your garage door before going out of town.

Garage Door Opener – some openers have vacation mode that unable the opener to be controlled by a remote. If it doesn’t, unplug the opener so nothing will be able to control it.

Locks – even if your opener is unplugged, it’s still ideal to install a lock for extra security.

Lights – light is a burglar’s worst enemy. Install motion-detector lights outside your garage door so that anything that moves will be in the spotlight.

Camera – A great deterrent for any potential break-ins. And in case a break-in occurs, it captures all the moments.

Smart Garage Door – a smart garage door is more than a door that opens and closes. It lets you also control and monitor everything as long as you are connected to the internet. Right from your phone, you can monitor on when’s the last time your door has been used. If there is a security camera, you could even view a live feed from it. Anywhere you are, you could also control your door or set any conditions on when should it be opened and closed.

Lastly, if any part of your garage door is broken, have it checked by an expert in Garage Door Repair Detroit MI area.

Follow these simple tips above so you won’t have to worry about your home to have your vacation enjoyable and memorable.